Acrylic Vs Wool Beanies


There are mainly two types of Beanies that are being used today. One is the Wool Beanies, and the other is the Acrylic Beanies. The Beanies are being used by the people to save themselves from the cruel effects of the winters. Keeping yourself warm in the winter is very crucial as you may get some serious cold or any other disease if you are negligent, even a little bit. Thus, you must be having the best Beanie for spending the best winter season. There are certain differences between the Acrylic and Wool Beanies that you must consider before buying the Beanie for your winters. There are many times when you do not choose the Beanie that suits their personality and condition, and thus you get really bored and many times get into real trouble due to them. Here are some of the difference between the Acrylic and Woolen Beanies.


The size of the Beanie is the real difference between the Acrylic and Wool Beanies. The Wool Beanies are quite rigid and have a similar size. They do not have the ability to change your head’s shape. There are some standard sizes of the Woolen Beanies, and they are really hard to cope with. The size of the Acrylic Beanies is the real bliss. They can be easily made into the shape you want them to be. They are also of some specific size, but the material allows the Beanie to fit with the shape of your head. The Acrylic caps are task specific and can have the size that suits best the people of specific requirements. The Acrylic Beanies have the size that is proper for the sports, walking and running. It is quite hard for the sportsmen to have a cap on his head while playing. Thus the Acrylic Beanies are very important for them as they have a shape that will keep it fit on their heads.


One of the defining characteristics of the Beanies is their softness. They are to be worn for the whole season. Thus it is necessary for the people to have a soft and nice Beanie that really goes nicely on their heads. Having a soft Beanie will help you in having the best winter ever. The rough Beanies will cause rashes and headache while the soft Beanies will be really a treat. The Wool Beanies are many times really rough to wear. They can cause rashes and headache if you buy a sub-standard Woolen Beanie. At the same time, a high standard perfectly made Woolen Beanie can, however, not be worn the situation as it goes is that the Acrylic Beanies are really the best in this regards. They are made from the perfectly synthesized Acrylic that is famous for being the softest material used in clothing. The Acrylic caps are really nice to wear, and they are so soft that despite wearing it the whole day you cannot feel anything on your head. They will not be causing any problem to your skin or your head. It will really go easy on your head.

Light weighted

You really need to have something that is really light weighted. You have to wear this Beanie for the whole day. Thus, you cannot afford a burden on your head. It will cause you so much pain that you will start hating your Beanie. This the main difference between the woolen and Acrylic Beanies. The Woolen Beanies are many times heavier. The wool itself is very heavy, and the Beanie that will be made from it will also be kind of a burden on your head. This weight is the sole reason why people despise wearing a Beanie in winters and get into some serious trouble. The Acrylic fiber is famous for being light weighted and soft. If you are wearing it the whole day, you will be feeling anything on your head. It will not cause any pain of irritation. You be feeling very light and comfortable while having an Acrylic Beanie. These Beanies are also very strong, and you do not have to worry about the Beanie getting damaged.


The main purpose of the Beanies is that they keep you warm in the whole winter season. The Beanies are perfectly designed to give your head the warmth it needs. This is the basic difference between the Woolen and Acrylic Beanies. In general, the Woolen Beanies are much warmer than the Acrylic Beanies. After wearing them for some time, you will start feeling a complete heater working on your head. It is a perfect winter wear in the extreme weather areas. The Acrylic Beanies are also very warm, but not as warm as the woolen Beanies. There are some that have the ability to provide you more warmth than the woolen ones, but it cannot be taken as a general assumption. The Acrylic Beanies can be used in the urban weathers, but when it comes to some serious weather conditions, woolen Beanies are the best.


The Beanies that you buy at the start of the season are to be worn till the end of it. You cannot afford to buy a new one after some time in the same season. It will surely cost you much and be a burden on your pocket. The re-usability of the beanies must be ensured before buying them. The Woolen beanies are not very famous for being re-usable. They are quite difficult to wash and lose their quality after several washes. They are also prone to furs and get furs on them after getting washed. This is the real problem with the Woolen beanies. They can be washed without a problem, but many times, the machine is not enough to wash it to new. The Acrylic Beanies are quite re-usable. They are machine washable, and you can wash them as many times as you want. Their color does not fade with washing, and you can continue using them for a long time to come.

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