Why choose a beanie hat or a skully hat?

When it comes to the choice of hats, you will probably get thousands of hats at your disposal. But choosing a hat that will suit your need and style is what that you wish for. If you ask someone who is experienced in this matter, he will surely recommend you for a hat that will be comfortable and stylish too. So, which one to choose really? Well, if you are a person who likes to go with the trend you can surely try out the skully hats. Why? Here it is why you should choose beanie hats. But, before going into the reasons, one thing you should remember is that, skully hats are of different types and suits different personalities so, you will have to sort out that part of your own. These are, in general, reasons why these hats are trending in the recent times. So, here we go then:

  1. These hats are well knitted and give you a style of their own and are quite effective when it’s cold.
  2. Normally these are made of acrylic or polyester to give you nice warmth, but if you like the wools one, you can definitely buy one of those as well.
  3. These are few very common and interesting features like turn ups, fleece linings and the bobbles.
  4. Apart from these you will get a simple design and plain color hat. These days there is a new trend of text decorations which are becoming popular day by day for obvious reasons: Style Statement.
  5. The fitted beanie hats are perfect for those having a face kind of oval shaped. These hats do not change the look of your face.
  6. In case you have a face which looks like a heart shape, you can choose the slouchy beanie hat.

Despite of these features and advantages, the most important thing that defines the beanie hats is the casual style. This casual style makes it absolutely suitable for any person who is not dressed in formals. Hence, you can wear them anywhere other than your office.

Popular Brands

  1. Neff
  2. Koloa surf
  3. Polo Ralph Lauren
  4. Lacoste
  5. Qshell
  6. Paladoo
  8. Carhartt
  9. Falari
  10. Beautiful-tech
  11. NYfashion101

How to buy a beanie hat?

Comfort: comfort is the last word when you choose any kind of clothing and beanie hat is not an exception. You might find few hats which are quite itchy and hence can be uncomfortable. In these cases, you need to choose which are made of liners, fleece or wool. These beanies are less itchy and quite comfortable.

Traditional: if you like the traditional style of the beanie hats, then you need to remember a few things. These hats are normally made of acrylics or wools. They might give you a casual look and much needed warmth, but they are frizzy, heavy and quite loose-fit in nature. So, either you can choose a modern beanie hat or a traditional one with a scratchy head.

Synthetic material: These days there are beanies which are made of synthetic materials. There are advantages of using synthetic materials for sure. They are quite warm in nature, and works fine in the windy conditions. These hats use lesser material, fits well, and the weight is much lesser than the traditional ones. These hats are perfect for people who love climbing, cycling, and paddling. Although these hats fit well and good in the breezy conditions, but once wet, these synthetic materials lose the warmth that they provide. Also, these hats are perfect for using head gears under the hats.

Features you should look for:

Liners: To help you out of the scratchy fibers, the manufacturers have introduced a fine lining inside the hat. These liners are normally made of fleece, but can also be made of wool, cotton and polyesters. Also, when the linings are used, the longevity of the product increases, so you get the benefit from both ways as well.

Ear covers: If you are a regular traveler through the cold and windy fog, then it is a must that you need an ear flap. Well, normally the beanie hats do not have those but if you search a bit more then, you will surely get a beanie hat with a nice flap that will stop the winds from blowing your ears out.

Headgears: This is another important stuff that you need to keep in mind. People tend to use headgears inside their hat. But that may feel a bit uncomfortable and this is the reason why beanie hat manufacturers started incorporating headsets and headphones inside the beanie hats. So, if you love music, then you must get one of these and flaunt your style.

So, that is it! Just go in the malls or local stores, look for the one that you want to buy and get set go.